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chandrika-desaiChandrika Desai 

Chandrika Desai is the founder and Director of Anubhuti, and Vice President of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, USA. A spiritual educator since 1962, she administers Brahma Kumaris centers in the Western region of the United States and Hawaii, and has served the Bay Area since 1977. She is a founding member of United Religions Initiative, the San Francisco Interfaith Council, and the Interfaith Center at the Presidio.

hemaxi-patelHemaxi Patel 

Hemaxi Patel is the Facilities Manager of Anubhuti. She has been a spiritual educator since 1982, having served in London, Oxford, Dubai, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. Her education in London led to her interest in serving the community and the pursuit of a life of spiritual service.

elizabeth-padillaElizabeth Padilla

Elizabeth Padilla is the Program Manager of Anubhuti, a spiritual educator since 1985. Her education and career includes work in theater, music, and 20 years' experience in Human Resources and Program Management, 12 years in Interfaith work. Trained as a facilitator in self-development, she is fulfilling her life’s dream by reaching the heart and spirit though her songs and work.

Carolyn Huffine, portrait and mural artist, administration, meditation educator since 1987.

Diane Tillman, LEP, MFT, Raja Yoga meditator since 1981, Coordinator of Seal Beach Brahma Kumaris Center, lecturer in more than 30 countries, founder and writer for The Living Values Education Program.

Duane Dolph, education in agriculture, trained in farming and livestock, organic gardening, auto mechanic, property management and landscaping.

Fern Jeffcoat, A.S., Raja Yoga meditator and spiritual educator since 2000, teacher of Tai Chi and Qigong since 1990, Laughter Yoga facilitator.

Gita Patel, Born in Tanzania, East Africa, educated in India and the United Kingdom, with a Bachelor's degree in Commerce. A spiritual educator since 1980, she also serves as the Center Coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center in Los Angeles.

Gordan Lawrence, BS in Environmental Studies, sustainable design, green builder, environmentalist, Raja Yoga meditation since 1993.

Harsha Madatanapalli, B.Tech, MS in Computer Engineering, IT Consultant for Business Intelligence projects, Raja Yoga meditation since 2005, and facilitator of retreats.

Janardhan Chodagam, MS, board-certified IT specialist, educator in Raja Yoga meditation since 1997, workshop facilitator, started the Brahma Kumaris Center in Austin, Texas in 2000 and currently hosts the monthly Men’s Wisdom Circle and a weekly meditation meetup in San Francisco.

Kiran Coyote, BS in Human Ecology, postgraduate in holistic health, author, publisher, corporate administrator, teacher of meditation since 1979 and Center Coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center in Eugene, Oregon.

Kyoko Kimura, BA in Music Education and MA in flute performance, teacher of music, meditation and Living Values Education Program to people of all ages.

Lavern Gamm, BS in Art, trained Architect, Journeyman Carpenter, spiritual educator since 1980.

Mario Reyes, graphic and website designer, musician, sound technician and spiritual educator since 1979.

Mohan Jain, BS in Electrical Engineering, Computer IT Professional, spiritual educator since 1990, workshop facilitator.

Priya Mahendarkar, D.E.C.E., BS (Info. Science), MBA, Raja Yoga meditation since 2002. Her specialties are leading, managing, communicating, and coordinating.

Roslyn Seaton, RN, emergency response trainer, spiritual educator since 1986, Brahma Kumaris Center Coordinator in Hawaii for 10 years.

Rossana Herrera, MA in Biology, Research Scientist at UCSF, student and bilingual spiritual educator of Raja Yoga Meditation since 1994.

Sally Fitts, LCSW, Psychotherapist and professional counselor since 1995, Social Worker and Mental Health Counselor, educator and administrator from 1973 to 1993, spiritual student and teacher of Raja Yoga Meditation since 2006.

Sukanya Belsare, BE, Computer Science and spiritual educator since 1998, program coordinator at the San Francisco Meditation Center.

Veena Kapoor, MSW, EdD, retired professor of Social Work and Women’s Studies at Fresno City College and California State University, Fresno; counselor of families raising children with developmental disabilities and chronic illness; spiritual teacher and educator of Raja Yoga Meditation since 1992.


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