The Condor and the Eagle Special Day with Poonam Jain

Anubhuti Meditation and Retreat Center 820 Bel Marin Keys Blvd, Novato, CA, 94949 USA

What is balancing of the energies – How do both the masculine and feminine energies flow through one bodymind system? The condor represents the heart, spirituality, feminine energy, oneness with the earth, and indigenous culture. The eagle represents the mind, privilege, material wealth, masculine energy and “civilized” culture.

Join us to:

  • Experience this balanced energy
  • Explore roles that each play in my response to the world
  • Journey through deepening the heart, self-observation and connection within

Special Guest Facilitator: Poonam Jain is a director of client services for multinational organizations in marketing, advertising and design. As a seasoned Raja Yoga practitioner, she also has experience with Osho, Vipassana, and Bihar School of Yoga. Poonam has training in Pranic Healing, Nature Cure, and Traditional Chinese Acupressure. She has also volunteered as a Counselor and at a Community clinic. She created POORNA workshops as a facilitator and life coach in UK, Germany, Austria, Budapest, Switzerland and India. She is the co- Program Director for the Ethical Leadership Retreats for India government, and co-organizer of the One Wholesome World dialogue in Switzerland. Her emphasis is “empowerment through inner transformation”.

Includes wholesome and delicious vegetarian lunch and snacks with tea/coffee break

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Saturday 30th of May

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