Beyond Belief: God ~ Tuesday evening at Anubhuti

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Tuesday 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Being Beyond Belief Series

To ‘believe’ is also to say ‘I don’t know’. A belief is not necessarily a truth. So how are we to realize and know our own truth? How do you know that you know? What is the difference between belief and truth? In this series of Being Beyond Belief, we will examine how certain beliefs get in the way of the truth.

Beyond Belief: God

Is God just a belief? Have you been taught to believe in God? Or to believe there is no God? Either way it is still just a belief. Is your mother a belief? Is your child a belief?  Of course, they exist because you ‘know’ them. You can even physically feel them by touching them or letting them touch you. What about feelings, perceptions, and subtle feelings? Like picking up someone’s vibrations or the energy in a room. Something to think about. Come, share your thoughts, and gain more insights on the belief of God.

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Tuesday 24th of July

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