In Delight: Uplifting the Human Spirit|Diwali 2020

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This year we held our annual Anubhuti Diwali celebration on Zoom, “In Delight: Uplifting the Human Spirit”. Our special speaker was Sudesh Didi, coordinator of the European Meditation Centers. Elizabeth Padilla, our program director, sang a lovely song. We had various cultural program items, including some traditional dance and a beautiful rangoli design with flower petals.

California Senator Scott Weiner opened the event. He spoke of the importance of community and how Diwali celebrates spiritual connections. We need to come out of this pandemic stronger than when we came in. It has shown us the vulnerability of our elders and the inequities that must be addressed. This is an opportunity to transform our society.

There was a feeling of good wishes and warmth across the miles screen to screen when everyone lit candles from their own homes. Every Zoom Window had someone holding their light. It felt as though we had ignited every corner of the globe.

Sudesh Didi delighted and inspired us with her wisdom on the significance of Diwali.  She spoke about how this festival can be seen on a deeper psychological level.

The pictures of Hindu Deities are actually depicting the virtues that we need to imbibe in ourselves so that we can cooperate with each other. All the arms are a symbol of the powers that defeat illusion and lies. The four arms symbolize male and female. Love and discipline. This is a family path. Mind and matter. Soul and body. There are weapons as symbols shown in each hand. The Mace represents controlling power, the Lotus represents the power of purity, the discus as the aspect of self-realization, and the conch shell representing the power of truth.