The Peace Festival 2019

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ॐ शान्ति Om Shanti

“Om Shanti” is Hindi for  “I am a peaceful soul” or in other words, “I self-identify as a peaceful being.”

“Shanti” also means silence. Silence in the sense of deep listening from an open mind and heart.  Or the absence of unrest and agitation. In these chaotic times,  gathering people to talk in a calm environment gives the community the experience of inner peace.

On September 14th, 2019, a big tent went up for this community event on the theme of peacebuilding: “Peace begins with me”.


  • Differences – New Points of View
  • Similarities – Shared Feelings and Experiences
  • Speaking – From Life Experience Not Theory
  • Listening – Really Listening
  • Understanding – Empathy Not Persuasion
  • Brevity – Keep it Short and to the Point

People listened to live music, had meaningful conversations, danced, and made tiny succulent arrangements. The day also included meditation, arts and crafts, face painting, an interactive art wall, virtue games, insight talks, tree of blessings, nature walks, tai chi and a spiritual art gallery.

It was sponsored by Peaceful World Foundation, Creative Canopy, and the San Francisco Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center.