Maha Shivratri

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Ek Sham Shiva Ke Naam – One Evening in the Name of Shiva

One of our favorite festivals is Maha Shivratri, the celebration of the divine light overcoming the darkness of ignorance.

Shiva’s birthday celebration was filled with kirtan, stories, spiritual art exhibit, tapasya (deep introspective meditation), video, drama, and mahaprasadam (great offering). Some deep questions were answered in the spiritual wisdom experiential talk, such as, “When did God Shiva come? What is the true story of Shiva’s birth? Why is it called Shiv- Ratri (night) and not Shiv- Din (day)?” 


Traditional Dancers
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Vegetarian Meal
Guided Meditation
A meditation to help to access that purity
An Interview
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